A dazzling smile that shows off your healthy, white teeth, is the most effective and immediate visiting card we have. For this reason, tooth whitening treatments are the most requested procedure asked of dentists today.

Whitening techniques

Exactly what does tooth whitening entail?


Any treatment that makes the teeth appear whiter, be it domestic (thanks to veneers that can be applied in the home), or medical (whitening "in the chair") falls under this category of aesthetic procedures.

The original colouring of the teeth depends on multiple factors: genetics, environment, time... habits, like smoking, the frequent use of antibiotics, (particularly tetracyclene), as well as daily consumption of:

  • coffee
  • licorice
  • tea
  • Beverages / foods containing colorants

cause discolourations and changes in the colour of the tooth enamel.


Thankfully, restoring the whiteness of your teeth is a simple, quick and painless procedure.


The Studio Dentistico Foschi of Bologna is specialised in professional cosmetic orthodontics. Tooth whitening (also known as bleaching) is one of the most common requests we get from our patients: It is performed directly in our dental surgery using whitening agents. The most common whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide. When exposed to particular light sources, the gel activates, releasing oxygen that destroys the pigments that cause discolouration.

After each whitening session, it is important not to smoke or eat food or drink that can discolour the teeth for 24 hours.

Tooth whitening is a well-tested technique and it is in now way damaging to the dental structure.

Contact us for further details and to find out more about pricing, methods, and duration of tooth whitening treatments.

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