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Some kinds of prosthetics can be used to correct form, colour, or position anomalies in teeth.

The high quality of adhesive systems allow a very conservative approach to reconstruction of teeth affected by illness or caries, through the use of materials that integrate invisibly into the appearance of the smile.


Such is the case for porcelain veneers: a thin layer of porcelain glued to the front surface of the tooth to correct aesthetic anomalies due to fractures, poor shape, or dimensions; "gaps" created by excessive space between teeth, or discolourations. The procedure is minimally invasive and offers an optimum, long-lasting aesthetic result.

How the procedure is done


The Studio Dentistico Foschi in Bologna frequently performs "restoration" using ceramic dental veneers. The procedure involves a specific schedule. Typically, the application of the veneers requires two sessions with a dentist:

  • the first phase involves the preparation of the tooth, the creation of the dental imprint, and selecting the best colour for the veneer
  • the second phase involves attaching the veneer(s) to the tooth / teeth.
application of veneers
Application of veneers

Dental veneers: maintenance

Looking after teeth that have been restored with porcelain or ceramic veneers is easy.

For best results, and to maintain the integrity of the prosthesis for as long as possible:

  • lean the teeth with toothpaste and toothbrush daily, including the restored teeth, to prevent deposits of plaque and tartar. Caries can also affect restored teeth (i.e. the parts not covered by the veneer itself)
  • we recommend professional cleaning of the teeth at least once a year
  • for those affected by bruxism (grinding of teeth), there is a danger of ruining the veneers: to protect the surfaces of the teeth, we recommend using the specific bite
  • those who take part in contact sports must always use a mouth guard, with specific protection for the teeth

Contact Studio Dentistico Foschi if you require any clarifications, or to request a quote for aesthetic tooth restoration using dental veneers.

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