Implant techniques

One of the latest and most effective methods to restore chewing function in cases of missing teeth, is the insertion of fixed dental implants.

Previously, the use of removable dental prosthetics, bridges, or dentures constituted the best solution to return the smile to our patients, but more effective solutions exist today, from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.

Implants are held in place by pins inserted directly into the patient's jawbone, creating a fixed structure that is perfectly integrated into the oral cavity and with absolutely identical appearance to natural teeth.


The implants adapt perfectly to the shape of the mouth without causing discomfort to occlusion or issues with mastication. The natural teeth are re-inserted using artificial titanium roots inserted firmly into the bone.

The implants can be used as supports for individual or multiple teeth, and multiple implants can even used as stable anchors for a complete prosthesis. The success is not only aesthetic, but also psychological, as the patient has the feel of retaining their original teeth: strong, stable, and aesthetically improved, homogeneous in both colour and shape.

Oral care

Which costs more? A fixed prosthesis, or a bridge?

When replacing a single tooth, implants are not more expensive than a bridge.

The technique's cost depends mainly on the price of the titanium implant screws, but there is just the one prosthetic component. For example, a traditional bridge does not require the titanium screw, but there are three prosthetic components: the missing tooth, and the two support teeth. In the case of a traditional bridge, one must also add the costs associated with the preparation of the teeth.


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